A New Kind of Company. For a New Kind of Food.


VOOD wants you to eat well, and eating well means snacking well. Our line of certified organic, GMO-free, plant-based beverages and snacks are crafted to conform to our exacting standards. We source only the highest quality ingredients; free of harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and we pledge to never use genetically modified ingredients.

Our company launched with a simple yet lofty mission: To create a coffee shop-worthy instant vegan latte for people who love coffee as much as we do. VATTE INSTANT, a 100-percent vegan, organic and GMO-free latte is the result. There’s no need to wait in line for this latte, lightly flavored with vanilla and subtly sweetened with maple sugar. It’s guaranteed to make you smile and the perfect afternoon pick-me-up — all made simply in the comfort of your own home kitchen. Just add boiling water, and smile.

Vegan Instant Latte

Organic | Convenient To-Go Packet

Soy-Free | Dairy-Free | Gluten-Free | GMO-Free

361-0250 Vood Instant Vatte - 40PK - 8/32g


About The Company

Born and bred in sunny southern California, VOOD envisions a peaceful, cruelty-free world, in which humans are not dependent on animals for their nourishment. A world in which humans can enjoy what they eat and drink, without the fear of consuming crops that are sprayed with harmful chemicals or are genetically modified. That’s why VOOD's line of beverages and snacks will always be Certified Organic, GMO-Free, and 100% Plant-Based.