Our company launched with a simple yet lofty mission; to create a barista- worthy instant vegan latte without any harmful ingredients or practices. VATTE INSTANT is the result! It's a plant-based instant latte mix, lightly sweetened, that satisfies every coffee lover’s cravings. No need to froth any milk alternatives, and forget brewing a pot of coffee or trying to master the perfect espresso shot. Trust us, it’s harder than it looks. After all, we’ve obsessed about the best and easiest vegan latte, so you don’t have to. With Vatte Instant, we’ve brought the high standards and luxury of the best cafe to a home kitchen, making a vegan coffee latte something anyone can enjoy in the comfort of their home. Just open the pack, add hot water, stir, and smile.

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We're obsessed with great coffee.

However, there's not always time to park, wait in line, or banter with the barista. That's why we created Vatte Instant, a coffee-based instant vegan latte. Other vegan lattes are often made with tea, or they may include soy-based ingredients. But we knew that wouldn't cut It for a true coffee-fiend. Our latte happens to also check all the other best boxes – Organic, GMO-free – It’s just the way we roll.

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